Safe Child Campaign
Empowering through awareness 

Making a Difference! 

At Safe child Campaign, we are empowering children and society at large. By educating children on their rights as spelt out in the Children's Act of 2001 and addressing child abuse and autism as priority bottlenecks to children's progress in Kenya.Safe child campaign is concerned that autistic children are being abused out of ignorance on autism.This makes them children in need of protection under the laws of the land (Children's Act of 2001 sections 118-146)
In going out to schools,churches and other already existing institutions,we are shedding light on autism,it need not be so shrouded in mysteries,knowledge is power and if people know abut Autism,autistic children will live productively.
Child abuse is rampant in rural settings where society keeps quiet about embarrassing issues especially those of sexual nature.In educating children on what abuse is and what to do if they are abused,we are lifting the blindness veil on the whole society.Everybody will know who to report these cases to and what to expect as service as laid out by the laws of the land.
Empowerment has to be realistic hence our decision to reach out to the children.It is important that children know what is around them and abuse is.When they know what to do to avoid getting abused,they will be safe,when they know what abuse is,they will be on the alert and most important,if they know whom they can talk to and /or report cases they know..we will have made a difference in their lives as they will really be in the light of things.
According to the Childrens Act of 2001,a child is any human being below the age of eighteen years,this is why Safe Child Campaign is going to schools,as this is where the children are.Parents,guardians and caregivers are essential in this campaign hence us seeking them in society's already existing institutions;churches, CBO's e.t.c.

Working with local administration is a must in this campaign so they can affirm their commitment to protecting children from abuse and guide parents with autistic children to proper institutions where their children can access professional care and education.No one needs to be left out.Our task is not easy as the Safe Child Campaign,but the fruits of this Campaign make it really worthwhile.
If our children are safe and informed,tomorrow is a great reality. A society that is informed is a strong society. 

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